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My Girl Scout Story - Courtney Brown

A Sturdy and Versatile Toolbox

Courtney Brown, GSESC Aliumna
Courtney Brown, lifetime Girl Scout member

Courtney Brown is a professional successful woman from South Carolina who spent her formative years as a Girl Scout (from ages five to eighteen). Now, she works as the Community Outreach Manager for a nonprofit called Partners for Youth with Disabilities. Her story is one that other Girl Scout members can find empowerment and encouragement in.

Throughout Courtney’s time as a Girl Scout, she learned a lot about community. The organization was a huge part of her life and allowed her to experience working with many different people. Fostering this togetherness from a young age affected her later in life.

Community work in Girl Scouts had helped Courtney connect with others and make friends, so when she enrolled at Brown University, she decided to continue the work. In doing so, she began discovering her passion for volunteering.

"That one decision ended up causing me to really focus my entire four years of college on community work and… what it means to be in a community with others… It was a really huge part of my college career. And then when I graduated school, I knew whatever job I took, I wanted to be able to work directly with people and I wanted to be able to work with young people", she says.

Courtney’s time mentoring younger girls at Girl Scouts helped guide her to this career decision. Her time working with disabled girls also inspired her to take the job she has now at Partners for Youth with Disabilities. “I like to say that if it wasn't for Girl Scouts, I wouldn't have the job that I currently have now because that was my first exposure to the work,” she described.

At Partners for Youth with Disabilities, Courtney helps people find a place in the programs the nonprofit offers. Through her work, she hopes to affect social change for people with disabilities. She loves working directly with these people to enact change for the better, and it’s what she’s been working towards ever since she was little, whether she knew it or not. This opportunity to change lives would not have been as possible as it was for Courtney without Girl Scouts.

When asked what she wanted people to take away from her story, she replied, “A key takeaway is that the people that you spend time with are really important.” It’s “really ok to care about people,” she continued. This was the “core” of her Girl Scout learning experience. From the importance of community, diversity, and inclusion, to mutual respect and leadership skills, Courtney Brown has learned so much from her experience with Girl Scouts.

Girl Scouts of Eastern SC's Regional Membership Director, Benita Jacobs wrote Ms. Brown's college recommendation letter for her quite a few years ago. Courtney says, "I will always be so grateful for those words, that gesture and that Girl Scout love and connection." And Ms. Jacobs beams when speaking about Courtney Brown - "She’s such a wonderful role model for young women and a great example of the importance of community and caring for one another."

Courtney concludes, “It's cool and it's good and it's fulfilling to just spend your time caring about others.” Diane Flanagan, Chief Executive Officer of Girl Scouts of Eastern SC says of Courtney, “she is such a wonderful example of what Girl Scouts can do for a person. Girl Scouts sets girls up for success not only right here at home, but all over the country, and even the world. We love providing girls of all ages with the same toolbox we gave Courtney- a set of useful, transferable skills and experiences that can guide a girl to success. The pride we have for Courtney's achievements—with us, and beyond—is immeasurable. Wishing Courtney, and every Girl Scout, more success, just like this, in the future!"

~ Written by Special Guest Author Paige Blackburn - GSESC Writer, Content Editor Intern