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Kayla Wigfall

Kayla’s project, Operation Take Flight: Preparing Us for the Future addressed the lack of opportunity for students ages 14-18 to learn about money, finances, investments, credit, money management.  She gave students at her local high school an opportunity to gain a better understanding of their finances and how to handle their future financial responsibilities. Her program also informed them on topics such as credit, taxes, government systems, and investment companies and how they can be affected by them.

Kayla held 3 sessions at her school with guest speakers who each discussed a topic such as credit, taxes, and investments. These sessions were coordinated to give the students a better understanding on the significance of financial responsibility and how they should handle them.

Operation Take Flight will be continued going forward by the student volunteering department and will be incorporated into Kayla’s school’s classes and curriculum. Kayla’s project will be incorporated into a program that will be held every year for the student’s opportunity to focus on “Financial Responsibility”.

Kayla’s project was a popular favorite with the students, and they embraced the chance to learn about personal finance and become more financially literate.

Operation Take Flight has launched and lifted off. Kayla is proud to report her project is cruising at an impressive, steady altitude. We are delighted to see Kayla’s project Operation Take Flight grow wings, climb high and soar on the promise of the future. The students will greatly benefit from their newly acquired knowledge on finances, financial literacy and personal financial responsibility - we can count on it.