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Caroline Hoy

Caroline of Troop 449, Mt. Pleasant. Her final proposal and presentation for her Gold Award project, "The Red Balloon" was approved by The Girl Scouts of Eastern SC's Gold Award Committee on Thursday, May 16, 2019. Caroline wanted to promote creative writing in the minds of youth for her Gold Award by starting a literary magazine created by those young minds. She did not like to read as a young child. She, herself struggled with both reading and writing until her middle school English teacher sparked her imagination. She found an interest in reading and discovered a love for writing short stories. She taught young students at Belle Hall Elementary in Mt. Pleasant, SC about different types of writing using the lesson plans she created for "The Red Balloon." She also taught the students how to use Google Slides to put their writing together to create a book. There were over 100 student submissions to the new student magazine written for students by students. Next year a new group of students will create the next volume of the magazine at Belle Hall. The lesson plans have been published online under the title “The Red Balloon” for any teacher who would like to have their students create their very own literary magazine. Caroline hopes that her love of creative writing made an impact on the students. The budding writers have answered the creative call with a resounding “yes.” Congratulations to Gold Award Girl Scout, Caroline Hoy who can sometimes be seen smiling in the clouds of creativity with those creative kids she mentored. If you listen closely, happiness can be heard amongst the sounds of children’s’ laughter floating high into the sunset on the string of “The Red Balloon.