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Healthy Blue

As of July 1, members (or their guardian) need to log into the Healthy Blue website and sign into the member portal using their Member ID or their child’s Member ID and go to their benefits page. This will take you to a site that lists all the benefits you qualify for. If your child meets the requirement (age between 5-18) a claims button will appear. By clicking on it, you will receive a purchase card with the $30.00 loaded on it to pay for her membership. You will need to contact Julann Judge via email or call at  843-377-0877 in order to get your daughter registered as a Girl Scout, placed in a Troop and receive her membership pin. If you register her online, she will not be able to receive the membership pin.

First time user to Healthy Blue Website:

You will need to register your daughter in the member section of the Healthy Blue Website You will receive an email to confirm the account before it can be used. Once your daughter is registered, log into her account. Click on the link for extra benefits which will create a secure portal to the benefit hub and show any benefits your daughter has available to use.