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Girl Scouts & GrubHub – Questions Answered

We are  excited about the national partnership between Girl Scouts of the USA (GSUSA) and GrubHub food delivery. GSESC worked with the council’s Product Sales Committee last year to determine implementation of this opportunity. Volunteers who attended the Product Sales (Cookie) Training will be familiar with the announcement about GrubHub. The Product Sales Committee stepped up to test the system as a pilot for the first year. 

Dates, Times, and Locations                                                              Because Girl Scouts will be the ones accepting, packing, and handing off orders to GrubHub delivery drivers, our GrubHub opportunities will only be available certain dates and times based on girl availability. In the onboarding process, we applied for some areas that were not approved by GrubHub.   

Our Locations are:  


North Charleston:  

Myrtle Beach  

Conway (pick up only, no delivery):  


Q: How do I get my Girl Scout involved?

A: As a GSUSA requirement, only Girl Scout Juniors, Cadettes, Seniors, and Ambassadors are eligible to sell cookies through the GrubHub partnership. This is a pilot program for the first year handled by the Product Sales Committee. There will be additional opportunities for Girls next year.


Q: Why are GrubHub booths limited to certain locations?

A: Per GSUSA and GrubHub policy, all GrubHub booths need to be an owned or leased location on a council property within GrubHub delivery service areas.


Q: What is the delivery area/radius for each GrubHub booth location?

A: GrubHub aims to service diners within a 20-minute drive from each location.


Q: Who can participate in the GrubHub booths?

A: GSESC worked with the council’s Product Sales Committee last year to determine implementation of this opportunity. Volunteers who attended the Product Sales (Cookie) Training will be familiar with the announcement about GrubHub. The Product Sales Committee stepped up to test the system as a pilot for the first year. Girls are levels Junior-Ambassador. Opportunities will be open to additional Girl Scouts next year.


Q: Who gets credit for the sale?

A: The Girl gets credit for the sale. The GrubHub partnership is a council-level cookie booth opportunity. Girl Scouts will receive the troop proceeds, but do not have to supply their own cookies.


Q: How does GrubHub fit into the Girl Scout Experience?

A: This delivery service experience will show Girl Scouts a window into another part of doing business, giving them the chance to build people skills by working together as a team, decision making by taking the lead in the business operations and business ethics by making sure they are meeting customer needs and expectations.


Q. Why is GrubHub promoted on the council Facebook page when Girl Scouts are asked to not promote on social media?

A. The council promotion is not Girl or Troop specific.