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Cookies Were Here... and NOW... Almost Gone!

Diane CEO Diane Flanagan in the Cookie Warehouse

The wind-down for the Cookie Sale is here! It started January 14th and Our Girl Scouts, Troops and Cookie moms and dads were READY to go! Not only did our Girl Scouts "knock it out of the park" they "knocked the cover off the ball!"

We had a TREMENDOUS cookie season! We have so many Girl Scouts who met or exceeded their sales goals and will be basking in their hard-earned rewards. Depending on the levels they hit and what they choose they may go to Summer Resident Camp, on a trip to California or on a cruise ... or take advantage of all of those big rewards and more! 

Due to inclement weather nearing the end of our cookie season, the sale has been extended by ONE week and will wrap up THIS weekend (3/17-19) so you can still find COOKIES at