Ways to Volunteer

Whether in technology or the arts, sports, or medicine, business or government, Girl Scouts need your help to provide opportunities for girls to learn. No matter what your experience, your age, or the amount of time you have to give, we can use you. And girls will grow strong because of your involvement.

Here are some of the different ways you can volunteer:

Work With Girls

  • Be a mentor by guiding girls to explore their interests and learn about possible careers.
  • Work as a troop/group leader directly with girls, leading meetings and conducting activities.
  • Teach a workshop and help girls to learn a skill that you're passionate about.

Reach out to the Community

  • Speak about the Girl Scout organization to community groups or college community service centers.
  • Suggest a service project that girls can do to help their community.
  • Act as a public relations consultant for troops and communicate with local media to get publicity for service areas.
  • Be a translator and assist with outreach to non-English speaking communities.

Support our Council

  • Design a troop or group's Web site or offer to teach girls how to create their own.
  • Provide administrative assistance and supervision in registering participants for events.
  • Offer secretarial services and assist with ongoing record keeping and other paperwork.

Develop Your Leadership Skills

  • Become a board member and use your skills to define goals, plan, and manage change.
  • Plan activities and structures to guide the work of our council, coordinate training and fund raising, and serve as a liaison with community organizations.
  • Organize and direct events to educate and recruit potential members.
  • Lead workshops and seminars for Girl Scout volunteers.