Adult Recognitions

Knowing How Much You’re Appreciated

Whatever your volunteer position, your hard work means the world to girls, to your council staff, and to Girl Scouts of the USA. We’re calling on all members of society to help girls reach their full potential, and you’ve answered that call. So thank you, from the bottom of our hearts.

Just as you’ll receive support throughout your volunteering experience, when you reach the end of the term you signed up for, you’ll talk with your support team about the positive parts of your experience, as well as the challenges you faced, and discuss whether you want to return to this position or try something new. The end of your troop year, camp season, overseas trip, or series/event session is just the beginning of your next adventure with Girl Scouting!

If you’re ready for more opportunities to work with girls, be sure to let your council support team know how you’d like to be a part of girls’ lives in the future—whether in the same position or in other, flexible ways. Are you ready to organize a series or event? take a trip? work with girls at camp? work with a troop of girls as a year-long volunteer? share your skills at a council office, working behind the scenes? The possibilities are endless, and can be tailored to fit your skills and interests.


Guidelines for Submitting Nominations for Adult Recognitions

Each Service Unit needs to elect an Adult Recognitions Committee of at least 3 people depending on the size of your Service Unit. This committee needs to ensure that all Service Unit recognition nomination forms are filled out completely and submitted by the February 15th deadline. This means as long as it is postmarked by February 15th it will be considered. All paperwork needs to be typed/printed and submitted complete.

Reminder: Applications without the correct number of letters of endorsement will not be considered for review. The person submitting the nomination will be notified that the form was not complete.

Letter of Endorsement: A letter of endorsement provides detailed information about what the nominee has done to be recognized and also how this person went beyond the expectations of the position(s) held. This should be a formal letter, typed so it can be read easily.

Each Service Unit can submit two (2) nominations for Rookie of the Year, and as many as qualify for the Volunteer of Excellence. Please be sure that your nominee meets all of the requirements for the recognition you are submitting them for. If you have any questions please call, the North Charleston Service Center at 843-552-9910 ext. 239 and speak to the Adult Leadership Enhancement Director.

All other recognitions are Board approved recognitions. They will be reviewed by a volunteer Council Adult Recognitions Committee and either recommended to the Board for approval or denied based on the criteria. Please ensure that nomination forms are completely filled out and that each nominee meets the requirements for the recognition they are being nominated for. These forms are not reviewed before they go to the Committee.

Remember there is progression with the adult recognition just like our girl recognitions. Awards are not cumulative and each recognition should stand on its own. Usually it will take at least a year or more for an individual to earn a second recognition if the criteria is followed. Each recognition can only be earned once.

The recognitions are listed following the progression they should be awarded in.


Numeral Guards Volunteer Years of Service Best Practices


Service Unit Approved Awards

Rookie of the Year Pin The Volunteer of Excellence Pin


Board Approved Awards

The Clara Keithler Pin The Appreciation Pin The Honor Pin
Palmetto Pin Volunteer of the Year The Thanks Badge
The Thanks Badge II "Juliette Spirit Award" The President's Award
The Juliette Gordon Low World Friendship Medal


Best Practices Application 2013-14

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Rookie of the Year Nomination Form 2013-14

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Volunteer of Excellence Nomination Form 2013-14

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Board Approved Adult Recognitions Nomination Form 2013-14

Form used for the following recognitions:

Clara Keithler Pin

Appreciation Pin

Honor Pin

Palmetto Pin

Volunteer of the Year

Thanks Badge

Thanks Badge II

Juliette Spirit Award

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President's Award Nomination Form 2013-14

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Juliette Gordon Low World Friendship Medal - Individual Nomination Form 2013-14

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Juliette Gordon Low World Friendship Medal - Council Nomination Form 2013-14

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Juliette Gordon Low World Friendship Medal - Endorsement Letter 2013-14

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