Girl Scouts of Eastern South Carolina Training System

Training is vital to the success of a Girl Scout Volunteer. Every potential adult volunteer of Girl Scouts of Eastern South Carolina is evaluated on their willingness and ability to take training for the position. We offer courses that will give each individual a chance to grow in competency and skills. These courses should be taken with the expectation that they will help volunteers gain confidence in their abilities and understanding of Girl Scouts. There is a $5.00 non-refundable fee for training unless otherwise indicated. Please fill out a training registration form to sign up for training.

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Taking Advantage of Learning Opportunities

Girl Scouts strives to provide you with the necessary information to successfully manage your group of girls and to let you know how and where you can get additional information on certain topics when you want to learn more. Volunteer learning is offered in a variety of ways to best meet your unique learning styles: written resources, face-to-face learning, interactive online learning—and additional methods are being developed and tested all the time.

1. Introduction to Girl Scouting:

This is a required training for all prospective troop leaders/assistant leaders. It must be taken prior to starting a new Girl Scout troop. It is facilitated by the Field Director at no cost and last approximately one hour.

2. Girl Scouting 101:

This is a GSUSA required online training for all Leaders and Assistant Leader. It gives an overview of Girl Leadership Experience, the National Girl Scout Program Portfolio, the Three Keys to Leadership as well as the Three Processes. This session take approximately 45 minutes and needs to be completed before coming to Leadership Essentials. The password for Girl Scouting 101 training is aboutGS101. Please fill out this questionnaire upon completion of Girl Scouting 101.

3. GSESC Leadership Essentials:

Leaders and Assistant Leaders are required to take Leadership Essentials training within one month of Introduction to Girl Scouting. This training covers information about GSUSA and GSESC. You will also learn about forms and other information that is needed to be a leader including Emergency Procedures.

4. Portfolios: (Daisy, Brownie, Junior, Cadette, Senior and Ambassador)

This workshop will show you how the Journeys and Girl Guide to Girl Scouting tie into one another as well as go over the different awards and recognitions. Take Action Projects will be covered in detail and leaders will learn how to “detour” and make the scouting year fun and exciting for the girls.

5. First Aid/CPR

One adult with current certification in First Aid and CPR is required per troop. If you have a current card, please copy it and send/fax it to the N. Charleston Service Center. Please be sure it is current.

6. Child Abuse Awareness and Prevention offered by Parents Anonymous of South Carolina, Inc.

At least one adult per troop has to take this training. Moving forward we only accept certification through Parents Anonymous of South Carolina, since they cover all four forms of abuse.

Children cannot be expected to protect themselves from child abuse. It is the responsibility of adults to be trained in child abuse awareness and prevention. This comprehensive training will empower you to become proactive and an advocate for children. You will learn about the four major types of child abuse: physical, sexual, emotional, and neglect; how to recognize the clues that children give us, the behavior typically shown by perpetrators, and how to make a report to the proper authorities when indicated. When adults are educated in the signs of child abuse and neglect, and how to react to them; children are safer and families are strengthened.

7. Planning Trips with Girls: Prerequisite to the “Troop Camping”

This is a required training for leaders or a registered adult who will be planning and attending trips with girls. Planning trips, staying in hotels, public building and self contained buildings even at camp will be covered. “Safety Wise” Chapter IV in Volunteer Essentials and the Activity Checkpoints will be the main focus of this training along with information about making reservations at our sites. Please bring your Volunteer Essentials with you to this training. This training does not include fire skills.

8. Troop Camping

Since every troop going camping must have at least one troop camper with them, this course is required for a least one adult registered with the troop. To be a troop camper, an adult must be present for the entire training, which teaches basic cooking, outdoor and fire skills. Troop Camping is required for any type of camping either on Girl Scout Property or at other locations. You will learn all the skills you need to teach your girls about the out of doors. It is highly recommended that each troop have a copy of the Outdoor Education in Girl Scouting book that is for sale in our Council Shops. **If you are more than 30 minutes late for this training you will not be given credit, no exceptions.

9. The Trail from Troop Camping I to Primitive Camping (this training will only be offered upon request)

This training is for all volunteers who, several years ago, attended Troop Camp I and did not get to take Troop Camp II (under the old training modules before 2009). We will cover propane stoves, tents, snakes, insects, plants and compass. You cannot attend Primitive Camping without this training unless you have attended Troop Camp II or Troop Camping in the past. There will be a $10.00 fee for this course and it will be offered in different locations.

10. Primitive Camping

Is your troop ready for primitive camping? This training prepares you to take your troop camping in primitive settings. You will learn about site selection, storing your food, water purification, the basics of pit latrines, creating working surfaces by using lashing skills, and using instinct and previously learned skills. There is a mandatory meeting scheduled before this camping overnight and advanced preparations to complete.

Training Requirements

Adults registering for training courses need to complete the Training Registration Form found in the Forms Sec tion of your Volunteer Essentials or on the GSESC Web page. You must register for each class on a separate Training Registration Form so accurate records can be maintained. The Training Registration Form (Forms Chapter, page 17) needs to be in the North Charleston Service Center at least one week (7 days) before the class unless otherwise indicated. Be sure to include appropriate fees. Registrations should be delivered or mailed to: Girl Scouts of Eastern South Carolina, 7951 Dorchester Road, North Charleston, SC 29418 with payment; faxed to: 843-552-6221 or emailed to


There is a $5.00 non-refundable registration fee for training unless otherwise indicated. All training fees cover the cost of materials and maintenance of the equipment. Payment must be sent with the Training Registration Form ( Forms Chapter, page 17). You will not be enrolled in a class without payment. If you have a question about your registration, please call the Adult Leadership Enhancement Director at 843-552-9910 ext. 239. The fax number is 843-552-6221. Please do not fax a form without credit card information.


Please plan to arrive 10 to 15 minutes ahead of time to park, find the training room, sign in and get settled. Class will begin at the scheduled time; if you are more than 15 minutes late you will not be given credit for the training. If you are not present for the entire training it is the up to the trainer to decide if you have met the requirements of the training. If you are more than 30 minutes late for Troop Camping or Primitive Camping, you will not be given credit for the training.


You will receive a confirmation email at least 24 hours prior to the training. It is therefore important to indicate a working email address on your Training Registration Form. You are welcome to call and confirm receipt of your Training Registration Form.


Should a session not have the minimum number of participants you will be notified of the cancellation.

If you are unable to attend, call Adult Leadership Enhancement Director immediately. We may have a waiting list of people who need training. No refunds are given with the exception for emergency situations.


Please bring: Volunteer Essentials, Journey Books, Girls Guide to Girl Scouting, paper, pen/pencil, and your training card. Bring a lunch and drink if the course extends beyond the noon hour, or a snack and drink for shorter classes. Check course schedule for additional required supplies, i.e. Outdoor Education in Girl Scouting for Troop Camping & Primitive Camping.


Child care is not available during trainings. This is a great opportunity to use a troop committee member or a troop parent. Children, friends, and other family members should not come to training with you unless they are being trained as well.