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Welcome to Online Registration, a place to renew your Girl Scout membership, whether you are a leader registering your whole troop, or a parent/guardian registering your child or a volunteer for our council.

If you are brand new to the Girl Scouting Experience and have had no previous contact with anyone at the troop or council levels, please look at our staff page, and contact one of our offices and/or a field director covering your area to talk about any interests, PRIOR to paying for your membership. If you want to be placed in a troop, a field director may need to look for troops in your area that are accepting new members.

With the kickoff of the 2014-15 Early Bird registration process, you can now register for the new membership year.

The system accepts major credit cards as well as debit cards (processed as credit). We ask that if you are using any 3rd party funding (financial assistance or grants) that you submit the paperwork manually.

We ask that if you have ALREADY submitted paperwork to us, but your online account still shows as not being registered to the CURRENT (2013-14) membership year, please DO NOT resubmit your membership. We also ask that if you have submitted your registrations for the NEW (2014-15) membership year, please DO NOT register yourself online. If paperwork has already been received and you do any orders online, it may cause issues and delays. If your online account does not show you as being registered, please email us at

If you have any questions relating to membership, please contact our membership registrars, Julann Judge at (843) 552-9910 ext 2350. If you have any technical issues, please email us at


2013-14 Online Registration Manual

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Please read the above information carefully and thoroughly before using our online membership registration portal. Thanks and have a great day!


Please view the disclaimers before heading to our online registration portal. You can access the disclaimers here.