Apprentice Trainer Job Description


Apprentice Trainers are appointed by the Adult Development Specialist for the term of two years.

Trainers completing their apprenticeship will be appointed each year based on an annual performance review conducted by the Adult Development Specialists or an assigned master trainer.

Responsible to

Adult Development Specialist


  • Is a registered member of GSUSA.
  • Has completed Orientation to Girl Scouts, or its equivalent, or a LIT course if a high school aged girl.
  • Has completed an application and interview.
  • Must attend the Train-the-Trainer course or have documented experience in the area of adult education.


  • Meets all the basic requirements to be appointed as an Apprentice Trainer.
  • Conducts at least six (6) courses in a 24 month period (half of which are conducted in partnership with an Experienced or Master trainer).
  • Follows all GSUSA/Council standards, policies, and procedures.
  • Completes and submits to the Adult Development Specialist any required paperwork (sign in sheets, participant evaluations, trainer evaluations, etc.) within two weeks following each workshop.
  • Utilizes the approved course content outlines of the council adult education program where provided.
  • Remains current on content and methods through attendance at updating conferences and trainer's meetings, and through individual efforts (workshops, research, etc.).
  • Cooperates with the Adult Development Specialist in planning the service center adult education calendar(s).

If you have any questions concerning training events, please call Michaela Watts, Director of Adult Leadership Enhancement, at 843-552-9910 ext 2390, or at