From the Island Packet:
Girl Scout cookies in the Lowcountry aren't stale and weren't damaged by storage problems, according to local Girl Scout leaders. In fact, the cookies supplied here are from a different baker than those used in the Raleigh area where some cookie abnormalities were reported, according to Girl Scout officials. "Our cookies are fabulous," said Susan Brooks, co-leader of senior Girl Scout Troop 369, which has members on Hilton Head Island and the mainland. "We have gotten so many compliments on our cookies."

The problems that may be plaguing the cookies one state to the north haven't hit the coastal area of South Carolina because the Girl Scouts of Eastern South Carolina use Louisville, Ky.-based Little Brownie Bakers, said Victoria Marshall, director of development and marketing for the regional Scout group. It was the other approved Girl Scout cookie baker, ABC Bakers, headquartered in Richmond, Va., and a bakery in South Dakota, that supplied the cookies to Girl Scouts in the Raleigh area.

Little Brownie Bakers said its cookies were not the ones damaged by flooding in a storage facility in the Winston-Salem, N.C., area. "You can be assured that we would never do anything to compromise the trust you have placed in us to provide high-quality, safe food," the bakery said in a statement.

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