St. John/Shiloh Community Girl Scouts Troop #517

“Giving Back to Our Community”

On June 11, 2013, Girl Scout Troop #517 of the Eastern South Carolina region received a P.R.A.Y Bishop’s Award of Excellence and breakfast during the Annual South Carolina United Methodist Conference in Florence, S.C.

The award was established for the purpose of recognizing congregations and units within the United Methodist Church that extended their ministry to children and youth by creating a faith based environment for children, youth, their families and their leaders who participate in Girl Scouts of the USA and Boy Scouts of America.

The recipients of this award promoted, enrolled, counseled and mentored youth in the God and Country religious emblem programs. Each unit encouraged and participated in religion practices during their times together, while fostering respect and understanding for all faiths within the unit, through prayers at meals and meetings. Worship and devotional services were led by a designated adult chaplain and a youth chaplain's aide. All of the scouts worshiped with their chartering churches during Girl Scout Sundays. 

The Shiloh Charge (Asbury UMC and St. John UMC)St. John/Shiloh Community Girl Scout Troop #517

(Pictured above:Right -Left (Front row: Sha'Monia Washington, Zyniah McClam, Kelsey Fulmore, Lasira Nickson, Courtney Wilson, Destiny Porterfield, Left-Right: Rev. Pattie E. Gordon, Azilee Dickey, Benita Jacobs-Singletary, Erica DeLay, Kia Fulton, Darlene Fulton, Ca'Nayia Washington, Back Row: Right-Left: Beverly Washington, Deloris White, Kimberlin Rufus.)

Florence District, under the leadership of Rev. Pattie E. Gordon and Scouting Coordinator Beverly Washington, Leaders Kimberlin Rufus, Tonia Washington and Azilee Dickey teamed with Girl Scout Troop 517 to collect personal hygiene items for the Greenhouse Youth and Children’s Runaway shelter. They also served and warmed the hearts of the elderly in the community by planting flowers, cooking and baking. They also spearheaded a program called Souper Senior by providing soup and crackers as well as banana nut bread and cookies. They even donated socks for the event. Each Girl Scout volunteered 4 hours to the caregivers of the sick and shut-in so that they could have some personal time. The troop made and sent postcards to our active duty military men and women. They visited various nursing homes and residential facilities to render devotional services and gifts. Each of the girls received a Bishop’s award of Excellence patch and the entire troop received a certificate and a banner. We are very grateful for the P.R.A.Y. Bishop’s Award of Excellence because this award was once only received by the Boy Scouts of America.   

~courtesy of  Benita Singletary