GSESC participates in national council session

Girl Scouts of the USA celebrated 100 years of history and welcomed its new chief executive officer, Anna Maria Chávez, at its National Council Session/52nd Convention in Houston on November 10-13.

During the business meetings of the council session, three proposals were presented. Several issues were discussed by the delegate body and resource teams on each specific proposal.

Proposal 1 was amended to allow local councils to charge a local council service fee along with the annual membership dues. The provision could take effect in 2013. The GSESC Board of Directors will address this issue at future board meetings. We will inform the membership as to their decision and timeframe of any service fee that might be assessed.

Click here to read the actions taken by the national council session:

Here are some comments from individuals who traveled to Houston:

“This was my most memorable convention overall. It was very well organized. All the guest speakers were phenomenal. Seeing the girls at the Leadership Institute and being able to spend time with some of them was the best part for me. We ultimately work for the girls, and being able to share in their experience of attending a National Convention, makes it all worthwhile.”

“My most memorable time was the opening ceremony. They were just very impressive.”

“I really liked what Vernice "FlyGirl" Armour had to say. She was very inspirational and showed that you could do anything you put your mind to doing. I also really liked Anna Maria Chavez. I think she is going to be an excellent CEO. She also came from an underprivileged background and has gone far. She should be a great role model for the girls”.

“What I will take to the leaders -- I will take the program book and workbook to them. I will talk about the Young Women of Distinction. They were really great!”

“The most memorable to me, of course, was Katie Couric. Walking on to the stage in her Girl Scout uniform was priceless. She is such a wonderful role model for us all. I loved the kickoff to the 100th Anniversary and the Year of the Girl. I was so proud of our girls and their project on anti-bullying. The parade of flags always gives me chills. What an honor to be a part of this global movement. The Young Women of Distinction were so inspiring. It is my hope that one day GSESC will be represented on that stage.”

“It's hard to put my convention experience into one or two sentences, but I'll try. If you asked for one word - it would be REJUVENATING. But to elaborate a little further, I would say that everyone could feel the ENERGY generated by all the girls and adults present. But particularly, I was impressed with how the girls were interested in all events, courteous to adult delegates, and fully participated in the council session.”

“My most memorable event was the National Young Women of Distinction. These 10 girls exhibited extraordinary leadership skills and exemplary support of their community action projects. It was great as a GSESC delegate to hear Annika Vernon from the Dakota Horizons council give a "shout-out" to our Council CEO, Loretta Graham, for her encouragement and support.”

“The most memorable experience was listening to Frances Hesselbein speak. She is truly an inspiration!!!”

“I also loved listening to the Young Women of Distinction speak. I don’t think there was a dry eye in the convention center for those two hours.”

In answer to the questions: What were the most impactful sessions at the GSLI?:

“The most impactful sessions for me were "Me, Myself, and I" and "Packaging the Perfect Picture." Me Myself and I was impactful for me because it taught me leadership is shown in various ways. Packaging the Perfect Picture taught me basically how to dress and act for success.”

“The most impactful sessions were the IRobot-buildabot and IRobot NASA because they showed me what kinds of robots there are and how they are built and programmed to perform certain abilities.”

“The most impactful session for me was "Under the Radar," only because I was able to sit down and talk with the young women of distinction and hear about their stories and the advice they received and would pass down to us.”

In answer to the question: How did your participation in the Girl Scout Leadership Institute further your leadership development?:

“My participation in GSLI showed me that in order to become a great leader, you need to be responsible for when and where you’re supposed to be at certain times, and be respectful of your surroundings and others. Being resourceful when you are in need of something, you innovate, and engineer a new way to solve your problem.”

“The GSLI helped me a lot. Traveling and meeting new people gave me more confidence, and it is going to help me teach the younger girls in my troop.”