Troop 619 su643 Field Trip to Bee City is all the buzz!

From Sheridan Elementary Troop 619 su643 (Leader Kimberly Wearing)

Girl Scout Troop 619 went on a field trip to Bee City in Cottageville SC. The trip was inexpensive and very educational. The Girl Scouts got lots of information on the Queen bee and the worker bees. They got to see firsthand how honey is made and how the bees build hives. 

Each Girl Scout was given a bottle to fill with honey. The girls made colored figures from real bee wax. They even learned what to do if ever stung by a bee. Then, they visited the petting zoo and were allowed to feed monkeys and Lemurs!!

The Girl Scouts were brave when given the opportunity to hold a pet snake. They welcomed the birds to land on their arms and shoulders when they went into the bird area. 

The girls say that watering the flower garden was such a treat. After eating lunch and visiting the gift shop they headed home. They were all very happy with Mrs. Wearing's choice of field trip.

Bee City is definitely a place they want to visit again.