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N. Charleston Main 843-552-9910   Fax 843-552-6221   800-868-9911

Florence Main  843-669-5174  Fax 843-669-0822   800-786-8704

Sandy Ridge  843-479-6742 or 843-479-6814

Staff Directory


Loretta Graham Chief Executive Officer843-552-9910 ext 2230 

Business Operations

Cindy WatsonGovernance/Benefits Coordinator843-669-5174 ext. 3111
Debbie Persin Office Manager/Executive Assistant843-552-9910 ext 2200
Denise RicheyCustomer Care Specialist843-669-5175 ext. 3100


Jackie JacksonAccounting Services Director843-669-5174 ext. 3115

Fund Development

Pat BaxleyGrants and Community Resources Director843-669-5174 ext. 3150

Product Program

Amy (Page) Hoffman Product Program Manager843-224-6450
Deborah PaisleyProduct Program Specialist843-552-9910 ext. 2400


Donna LeeDirector of Communications/Marketing 843-552-9910 ext 2430


Tina CarterVP of Membership Services843-552-9910 ext. 2270
Michaela WattsVolunteer Support Coordinator843-552-9910 ext 2390
Benita Jacobs -- Region 1Volunteer Support Specialist843-669-5174 ext. 3132
Crystal SmithAssistant Membership/Program Registrar 843-552-9910 ext. 2380
Julann JudgeMembership Registrar843-669-5174 ext. 2350
Kelly Pellum --- Region 3Volunteer Support Specialist 843-552-9910 ext. 2230
Chiarissa Amos-Rivers Region 4 (And Hispanic)Hispanic Community Engagement Specialist 843-377-0879
Abbie Boisvert -- Region 3Community Engagement Specialist843-552-9910 ext. 2300
Beven Owens --- Region 2Community Engagement Specialist 843-616-1785
Sarah Wallace -- Regions 4 & 5Community Engagement Specialist843-552-9910 ext 2330
Annie McAlister--Regions 4 & 5Volunteer Support Specialist843.552.9910 ext 2260


Lesley RobinsonVP of Girl Leadership Experience843-552-9910 ext. 2240
Chuck IlerOutdoor Program Specialist/Resident Camp Director843-479-6814
Susan RhyneCouncil Shop Manager843-552-9910 ext. 2210
Misty CarpenterBusiness Process Analyst843-552-9910 ext.2100
Danielle SykesGirl Support Specialist 843.669.5174 Ext. 3117
Ashley BarefieldCustomer Care and GIRL Support Specialist843-552-9910 ext. 2300


David SportsProperty Director

Retail Shop

Susan RhyneCouncil Shop Manager843-552-9910 ext. 2210