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Troop 149 Bronze Award - "To Fight Against The Disease And Infection In Our Community"

Troop 149 Bronze Award

Troop 149's Bronze Award for 2018 was "To fight against the disease and infection in our community". The Bronze Award was broken down into 3 components to try and accomplish their goal.

1. Proper wound care

2. Proper hygiene

3. Proper nutrition

First, Troop 149 went into the community to ask hospitals, doctors offices, and pharmacies for supplies to make first aid kits to hand out. They created first aid kits with donated prescrition bottles. Troop Leader Heather Langdon points out that these are great because a prescription bottle with the lid properly secured makes the contents inside waterproof. Next, they asked for supplies that were small enough to fit into the bottles. The girls asked for band aids, alcohol wipes, ointment packs, and sanitizer wipes. The girls were able to make somewhere around 500 first aid kits. 

Second, the girls collected toiletries for proper hygiene. They collected toiletries from local hotels, dentist offices, family and friends. They also collected 3 gallon icing buckets from local bakeries to put the toiletries into and with the lids on the buckets they became waterproof. These buckets are large enough to keep homeless VA men and women's toiletries dry and to store some personal items. The girls were able to collect deodorant, tooth paste, hair ties, combs, tooth brushes, floss, razors, shampoo, conditioner, sanitary napkin pads, tampons, body wash, and shaving cream. They collected eough to make over 50 buckets that were donated to the VA homeless and more than 125 hygiene bags. They made approximately 100 "period packs."  They handed these out to the homeless at the Revive Remount Church food drive. 

Third, they collected food to help with proper nutrition. This consisted of a collection of  non perishables that they donated to Helping Hands of Goose Creek. The grand total of their food drive weighed in at over 800 pounds of food collected and donated. The girls also made 2 Blessing Boxes. One has been donated to Cane Bay Church for single mothers and another is awaiting a home for the community.

The photo album is on Facebook