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Tea Anyone?


"I am Addie Ledbetter, Miss Columbia NE 2018, and former Miss Summerville 2017.

My platform is Empowerment Through T.E.A.S, and I would love to host a tea party for your troop! Through my tea parties, I have elementary through high school girls participate in various leadership activities. They learn about STEM careers, what it means to be a leader, and they are able to create a mobile souvenir which includes their favorite subject and goals (activities vary by age group/needs --- please feel free to suggest a particular topic you would like for me to focus on)

I would love to do a tea for you this spring! I provide all of the supplies. I can accommodate up to 20 girls, and all I need is a place to host the party.

For every ten girls, I do ask for a $10 cover charge to help pay for supplies.

At my website, you will find pictures and a more detailed explanation of my program.

Please feel free to email at for more details or to book your tea party! See the official Tea Invitation here."


Thank you,

Addie Ledbetter

Lifetime Girl Scout

2013 Gold Award Girl Scout

Miss Columbia NE 2018

Miss Summerville 2017