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Council-Wide SU Minutes

GSESC Council-wide Service Unit Meeting

August 16, 2016


68 volunteers attended the meeting and 13 Service Units were represented. Locations for the meeting were Florence, North Charleston, Orangeburg, Myrtle Beach and Hilton Head.

Adult Recognitions: The volunteers feel people don't know about or don't understand adult recognitions. Have people within the Service Units who have received a council level or GSUSA level award come and speak. Provide a sample nomination packet to each Service Unit with completed forms. Some people may be intimidated by the forms. It would also be good to have a sample of the award or at least a picture. (GSESC will put together this information as requested for the Service Units.)

Girl Awards: Have girls who have earned the highest awards talk to other girls. Another Gold Award committee will be started to serve Regions 1 and 2. A new rubric has been developed for the committee to use with girls who are presenting their Gold Award projects to make decisions consistent and standard through-out the council. Host a Gold Award Lock-in in November to encourage girls to begin the process of earning their Gold Award. Have local girls on the Gold Award committee. Support girls by having them address a Service Unit meeting. Encourage Service Units to recognize girls at their end of the year ceremonies.

2017 SUDs: Two volunteers from Greater Dorchester County shared their experiences from this year's SUDS event. Both thought the event was good. We discussed some other options for a Service Team Retreat and Membership Kickoff for 2017. Some volunteers felt the Kickoff should be earlier in the year, maybe to coincide with Early Bird. Both of these events will be discussed further with the Volunteer Advisory Committee before final decisions are made for 2017.

Regional Calendar: Set up a Google calendar so Service Units may add events that are open to others.

Volunteer Systems Update: This was opened up for questions since we were already "live" on the system. The only question was regarding lifetime members not showing as registered in the system.

Q&A: There was really only one comment made during the open Q&A which was to make sure we post recruitment events on social media and to make sure the Service Units also have this information.

Next Volunteer Advisory Committee meeting is scheduled for October 18, 2016. The committee will be discussing training. Please make sure you get your comments and questions submitted prior to that date.

The next council-wide Service Unit meeting is scheduled for November 15, 2016. Meeting locations will be announced as soon as possible.