Dear Friends:

As you know, several years ago, the GSESC Board of Directors made the very difficult decision to sell the "Girl Scout Plantation", used for many years as "Camp Low Country". The property has now been on the market for sale for over 3 years without any satisfactory result. Earlier this year, the Property Committee, Directors and Staff began exploring and evaluating opportunities available to effect a timely sale of this property at its current market price.

Upon unanimous vote of the Property Committee, the full Board of Directors undertook consideration of selling this property at absolute auction and a review of a competent, professional auction marketing company to handle the transaction. The decision has been made to sell the property at auction and the transaction will occur on Friday, July 26, 2013. All parties of interest realize that the auction process is open, fair, transparent, all business is conducted in public and everyone interested has the opportunity to purchase the property on exactly the same terms and conditions.

We have learned that the concept of auction marketing is to use concentrated, intense, advertising, promotion and public relations to assemble every real purchaser for the property in one place and at one time – then, to allow the competitive bidding environment to establish true, current market price. It is necessary to sell the property absolute – to the last, final and high bid – because – it is absolute auction which causes the largest number of real, qualified buyers to study and examine our property, and then make their best offer on the property.

After several lengthy conversations, the GSESC has hired Spartanburg, SC based Carolina Auction Team, Inc. to assist in preparing the property for sale, design and place the advertising, promotion and public relations plan, conduct the auction event and take the transaction to closing. This firm has been in business for about 45 years and has successfully handled hundreds of real estate auction transactions, working in locations from Northern Virginia to Southern Florida, to Nashville and Memphis, across Georgia and the Carolinas. We believe they are well suited to sell the "Girl Scout Plantation" and they have made an absolute commitment to representing our interest.

Of course, selling "Camp Low Country" at absolute auction (or any other way) is a difficult decision. Your Property Committee and Board of Directors have made this decision after lengthy study and completely in the spirit of aligning the resources of the GSESC to best focus on our core mission "building girls of courage, confidence and character who will make the world a better place".

Thank you for your support as we address this important matter. If you would like more information, please look at the website

Yours in service,

Loretta Graham, CEO
Girl Scouts of Eastern South Carolina
7951 Dorchester Road
North Charleston, SC 29418
843.552.9910 ext 232
Belinda Copeland, Board Chair
Girl Scouts of Eastern South Carolina