Girl Scout Cadettes (Grade 6-8)

Girl Scout Cadettes work on leadership and learning life skills

  • Learn to help their community through Take Action Projects
  • Have fun exploring new interests and activities
  • Work on their Girl Scout Silver Award

Girl Scout Cadettes will always remember the cool stuff they learned and the great friends they made, as well as discover what's so important about being a leader, working on a team, and dreaming about their future possibilities.

cadette-rplaneIt’s Your World-Change It!

aMAZE!: Life is a maze. Navigate its twists and turns and you’ll find true friendships, meaningful relationships, and lots of confidence to boot. So go ahead, enter the maze. The goal is peace—for you, your world, and the planet, too.

cadette-rplaneIt’s Your Planet-Love It!

Breathe: Take a deep breath. How do you feel? What do you see? Hear? Smell? Get set to focus all your senses on air. This is one airy journey, and it’s full of flair!

cadette-rplaneIt’s Your Story-Tell It!

MEdia: Cadettes look for the ME in media and learn how they can shape media—for themselves, their community and the world.

The Girl's Guide to Girl Scouting

Everyone knows that Girl Scouts have badges. But The Girl's Guide to Girl Scouting has more than just exciting, new badges for every age level. Each guide contains:

  • A colorful, easy-to-use binder specially designed for girls at each level. The binder comes chock full of essential information and badge activities—plus girls get to customize their own experience by choosing and adding in additional badge sets.
  • Legacy, Financial Literacy, and Cookie Business badge activities-or, for Girl Scout Daisies, petal and leaf activities.
  • A detailed diagram showing where girls place the badges, pins, or awards with pride on their vests or sashes.
  • Ideas to help girls tie their badges right into their Journeys.
  • Vintage illustrations and quotes from Girl Scout history to help girls feel connected to the proud traditions of the past.
  • An awards log showing girls every award and badge available at their level, as well as the entire badge program at every level, so girls can see how their skills will grow in Girl Scouting.

How to join

Joining Girl Scouts is simple! Contact the Service Center closet to your location to find out how you can get involved. The Florence Service Center can be reached at (843) 669-5174, and the North Charleston Service Center can be reached at (843) 552-9910. You can also contact us via email at

Girl Scout Silver Award destinations
Plan a Silver Award project to make your community shine!
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Girl Scout destinations - your passport to travel across your state, your country, your globe. Get psyched for the time of your life.
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Ways of Participation Uniforms
As girl progress through Girl Scouting, many find that they don’t have time for a traditional troop setting. Girls can choose a “Pathway” to participate that offer the freedom to tailor their level of involvement to fit their schedule and lifestyle. She can choose one , all , or some of the options – camp, events, series, troop, travel and virtual* (*still in development). Girl Scout Cadettes wear the Girl Scout Membership Pin, showing they belong to Girl Scouts of the USA, and the World Trefoil Pin, signifying membership in a worldwide Movement. Girl Scouts at each grade level have one required element (Tunic, Sash or Vest) for the display of official pins and awards which will be required when girls participate in ceremonies or officially represent the Girl Scout Movement..